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Stair Lift Reviews
What You Need To Know Before Buying A Stair Chair Lift
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Thinking about buying a stair lift? A residential stair chair lift can help you access parts of your home that you - or a loved one - may not be able to get to.
A chair lift can give you independence and comfort. And it can allow you to stay in your own home - without having to sell and move to a bungalow (which can save you thousands on moving costs!)

And the great news is that you don't have to pay a fortune for them!

This website gives you what you need to know before investing in a stair lift including:

and more.

In a hurry and just want to know where to save? See our Best Stair Lift page for our pick on the most economical, high-quality stair lift for your home. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!
About Stair Lift Reviews:
This site started from my own search for stair lifts. My mother-in-law has severe fibromyalgia that was getting worse every day. She could barely climb the stairs to her second-floor bedroom - and it caused her a lot of pain.

She didn't want to leave her home (nor did she have the money to move to a bungalow). So I went online and started researching stair chair lifts.
I was surprised to find how affordable these lifts are - and how easy to install. They can save you - or a relative, spouse, parent or friend - a lot of pain and help them to keep their independence - which is invaluable!
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