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Best Stair Lift
The Best Value For Your Dollar
While you have several options when buying a stair lift, many people want to know which one is the best value for the money.

This page lists my recommendation (along with reasons why) for the best stair lift out there.

Please note that this is a straight stair lift - if you need a curved stair lift, you will have to get a custom made lift.
Best Stair Lift: Ameriglide Battery Powered Stair Lift
(Pictured Above Right)

Why it's a "Best Buy":


While most stair lifts start around $2500 - $3500, the Ameriglide Battery Powered Stair Lift (new) is much more affordable at around $1849 as of this writing.

Plus, since you install it yourself (the website walks you through the proper measurement process and there are easy install videos to show you how), you save money on installation fees.

If you want to save even more money, you can get the same model reconditioned for a few hundred dollars less.

Battery Powered 

In case of a power outage, your stair lift will still work. Batteries can charge anywhere on the track so it's very low maintenance and a great way to ensure you have a backup power source.

best stair lift
best stair lift

You get a curved backrest and a padded seat to make the ride comfortable.

Plus the seat swivels 180 degrees, so you can easily get off the stair lift away from the stairs.


When not in use the lift seat and footrest fold up. When folded it only takes up 14 inches - so other people can easily get up and down the stairs.
Safety Features

The Ameriglide stair lift comes with some safety features you really can't do without like seat-belt and built-in sensors in the footrest that can sense if you run into an object on the stairs.

There's also a sensor that only permits the stairlift to be operated when the swivel seat is locked in the right position. So no worries about accidents or possible falls.

Final Note:

If you're looking for a stair lift that won't break the bank but is still made to very high standards (i.e. the warranty is also excellent - 10 years on the drive train and 5 years on other parts), the Ameriglide Battery Powered Stair lift is one of your best options.

I like it because it's safe, easy to install and cost you thousands less than similar brands on the market - which is what makes it a "Best Buy"

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